Bread respect when in Israel.

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Sep 11, 2021
did you know that in israel you will often see bread siting on surfaces?
this is because some people will pick pieces of bread that others have thrown on the sidewalk and just place it on a surface so to respect the bread.....

even my aunt used to pick bread and rest it somewhere more respecting when i was a child.

nowadays it is a bit less common but still happens a lot when a pesron with 'tradition' see it
Are you talking about this happening in a big city or small villages?
I found this - and although we don't have religious discussions here I don't think this qualifies for sensorship as it is merely a statement of fact as tp why it happens. Much like "I keep Kosher" is a statement, not a discussion.

"The importance of sharing one’s bread with the poor has remained in the Jewish consciousness until today. Many people do not want to throw away bread. Instead of dumping their bread along with the rest of their garbage into the garbage carts parked along the streets, they save the bread in plastic sacks and hang it from the metal projections on the sides of the carts (used to hoist the carts into the garbage trucks). That way, the bread is potentially available to the poor. Not all Jews in Israel follow this custom, but lots do, especially here in our neighborhood of Maoz Zion."
The full article can be found at "Don't Throw Away that Piece of Bread
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