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Cliff H.

Master Chef
Mar 18, 2006
Jonesboro, Arkansas
I spent New Years Eve with family. Playing board games and eating bbq.

I try to supply a reason for the family that I married into here in Arkansas to get together. Since we all go to Church together we see each other a lot anyway but holidays are special to me.

My wife's side of the family hasn't had to endure the loss of close family members. At least not so much in the second generation and none in the third or fourth generation.

I remember when my Grandfather passed away. He was the leader of our family unit. He was the glue that held our family together. His passing was a great loss. My dad passed away back in 2006. Since that time life has marched on and my brother and my mom have relocated and gone on with thier lives and now we all live 400 miles apart. The family has become larger and it is very difficult for me to see everyone even once or twice a year.

It is very important to me to help make memories for the younger generation in this family. One day they will think back to the times when they were all together with family and hopefully someone will be motivated enough to make some Q and have a git-together.

Each year at this time I cook bbq and ring the dinner bell and offer bbq to members of the family who want to just hang out and bring in the new year.






You are right family time is the best time. The older the young ones get the tougher it is to get them all together. We have 15 and all but two live close and the best I do is once a year. You are to be commended for taking charge. With good looking Q like that you probably don't have to ring that dinner bell very loud :D
What bbquzz said. Nothing brings family together and builds great memories like excellent Que. and looks like you stuck it my friend. Congrats and Happy New Year!
Great looking chow and some fine family traditions you are creating. Tipping the hat your way.
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