Brisket warmed up for Lunch

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Feb 7, 2009
All the talk about Chrismas Eve Brisket got me hungry, so I got a chunk of brisket that I cooked a few weeks ago out of the freezer and warmed it up and made some sandwiches, it was as good as when it was cooked.
Sorry no sandwich pics, Like I said I was hungry!
Pic of brisket sliced up.
Looks excellent. Ya know some of my best old comp chums in the world (Bobby Smith of the Texas Howling Coyotes and his lovely Bride Miss Patty who has since went to be with Jesus) also did a lot of weekend outlaw vending and they refused to serve brisket to the public until after it had been froze, thawed and reheated. Lot of old tymers around who tell you the same thang. Rumor is the grand prize winner at Meridian one year took the brisket category on a brisket which had been cooked and stuck in his freezer for 3 years :shock: Now just repeating whut I heard on that deal :mrgreen:

Bigwheel I think they may be something to that, every time I warm up brisket after freezing, it tastes like to have extra favor to it.
Yeppers know a bunch of old pharts who would testify as to the efficacy of the cooked/froze and thawed brisket strategy. Would venture to say prob a hundred percent of the legal catererers do it like that and about 99.9% of the illegal version. This excludes some rookie who is just dying to stay up all night cooking:)

Captain Morgan said:
Darly, that looks like the best brisket I've ever to share your

Well Thank You Captain Morgan,
This is what I do, I only cook whole packer beef briskets and I cook it whole. I trim the fat cap just enought to make it even thickness across, then some of the hard fat on the sides, I don't dig into the fat that seperates the flat and the point like some do, I do trim any fat thats on the top of the flat so the rub gets into the top good, thats all on the trimming.
The Rub, I rub the brisket with Lee Perrins Worchestershire THICK Sauce then The Texas BBQ Rub Brisket Blend rub goes on, I do this all while the pit warms up so it only gets rub about a hour before it goes on. I put the brisket back in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
On the pit, I cook on a off-set Gator Pit so I cook fat side down, and run my pit at 275 degrees internal grate temp, I cook with splits of White, Red Oak and some Hickory Wood. Red Oak seems to work great with beef. I cook the brisket till about 170 internal temp, then put it in a foil pan (still fat side down) with 15 ozs of Gunniess beer mixed with Worchestershire Thick Sauce and some Texas BBQ Rub, cover with foil and finish at around 200-210 internal meat temp but I go by the poke test more so than temp. Only takes me about 7 to 9 hours to cook a 12-14 lb brisket.
Off the pit, I take out of foil pan and wrap in foil (about 3 wraps) and put in a dry cooler with bath towels fat side Down for about 3 hours before serving. Also I save all the juices from the foil pan and pour some juice back on the sliced brisket before serving.
I'm no pro and there's many ways to cook and serve brisket as you allready know but this the way I do it and it turns out goood!
Thanks for asking.

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