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Oct 25, 2008
Paso Robles, CA
The Taco Temple in Morro Bay California has become the DH and I's new obsession. They are a self proclaimed california fusion restaurant. The food is very Al a Bobby Flay, I guess. It's mexican, american...something...delicious! The specialize in seafood, and have made many new twists on classic mexican american cuisine.

The food there is fresh fresh fresh and just as tasty. We've been a few times now and tried different things each time. Here are a few photos and some mouthwatering descriptions:


Pink Lemonade in a sugar rimmed glass.


Cilantro and Garlic Calamari with Shoestring potatoes. Served with mango salsa and chipotle ranch dipping sauce...


Chorizo and Potato Empenadas in green and red sauce. Served with a spicy mixed salad of spring greens, shredded radishes and carrots with pickles veggies and a creamy cilantro dressing.

We went again this weekend but didn't get pics. We had carnitas that were to die for and a big bowl of potato and green chile soup.

Seriously...if any of you are ever on the central coast, give me a holler and I will take you to this place myself!!

I give it ten stars ;)
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