Carpaccio of beef

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Jul 9, 2011
Just a little bit of fillet left over so I battered it with a rolling pin as thin as I could get (Still not that thin) and dressed with some salad leaves (From garden), hard cheese, nice olive oil, balsamic and sea salt, very nice and very fresh.


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I love carpaccio and yours great! Super thin slicing of excellent beef and a tangy dressing... I'm going to the market today!!!
Yum! Haven't had carpaccio in ages, one of my many favourites :) Like my beef done so that a good vet could still bring it back to!
Mine threatens to leap off the plate...and I am good friends with several vets who are very good at what they do...for a few years, one of them and I would go halvesies on a pig and a steer...

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