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Oct 19, 2013
Southeast US
So they had pork roasts on sale and I got 2 of them. My dad always made it Cuban style with yuca, black beans with not traditional yellow rice, garlic bread, mojo and a tossed salad. I use arugula for the salad. The plantains I bought were not ripe enough so I left them out. To ripe for tostones and to unripe for sautéing.
The first picture is the crispy skin. My favorite thing. I sprinkle mine with crunchy sea salt.
The second is the garlic bread made with fresh/raw garlic, butter and olive oil.
The third is the roast after resting for 30 minutes. It was stuffed with garlic and marinated in my mojo for 3 days in the fridge. I make a paste with raw garlic, rosemary, cumin seeds, oregano, thyme, paprika, 1 lime and olive oil. I also add a good sprinkle of Adobo. I mash everything into a paste in my pestal and mortar. My wife bought me a real nice one for Christmas. Big, heavy and rough on the inside.
Fourth is the final result. The sauce is mojito. Cant have yuca without it.

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Not sure what happened to my pictures. They pasted perfect on 3 other forums.
I guess it's the size. I'm used to auto sizing everywhere else. Surprised we do not have that here? I will try to fix them so they can be displayed.
Your links are not working, at least not for me.

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