Chestnut - advice needed

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Assistant Cook
Nov 25, 2010
Greenock (UK)

Just registered to the website. i am from scotland (UK).

Happy thanksgiving to all.

i am planning to cook chesnut stuffing and i have one question. When do i peel the chesnut, before or after cooking then. i am always in doubt about this.

also, forgive me if i sound silly, as i am french.

where i come from we have two words for chesnuts : "chataignes" and "marrons", however i am not sure is there is a distinction in english. its only one word.

basically, the former one is smalll and a bit flat (this is what i can buy in my local supermarket) and the latter is big and round (somehow i cannot find them where i live, or maybe i do not apply the right english term).

Anyway, imput about this would be awesome.

thanks in advance.


Bolas De Fraile

Executive Chef
Oct 28, 2010
Photo the big ones(Italian imports) are just arriving in the shops now.
Mont Blanc is my fav chesnut pud.

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