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DC Grandma
Dec 18, 2003
This is so easy and sooo good as a side dish.
Corn Pudding
1 can cream style corn
1/2 stick of Margarine
2 or 3 Tbls. sugar* ( I use 1 tlbs + 1 tespoon)
2 Tbls. flour
2 eggs beaten
Mix and bake at 350*
45 min.

I use a 8 or 9" square pan
YUM, YUM, YUM - a "real" corn pudding - I've only had the one that uses the Jiffy Corn Mix...can't wait to try this one! Thanks Dove.
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Bubba did you roast the corn yourself? I take it the cooorn was corn on the cob..right :?: Glad you liked it.
Yeah Dove. I bought some pretty decent (for this time of year) corn on the cob. I peeld back the husk and pulled the silks, soaked in a sink of cold water for 45 minutes and tossed 'em on the grill for about 20 minutes turning occasionally. Then I cut them off the kernel and added them to the rest of the recipe. What a marvelous flavor!
That sounds delicious BubbaGourmet. When I lived in Australia I used to grow my own corn, you can't beat it fresh from the garden! I make a corn pudding similar to this from Nigella Lawson's Nigella Bites cookbook. Which would be in my top ten of favourite cookbook's ever. She cooks her gammon (ham) in coca cola, and serves it with this pudding, divine!
I often cook a smoked ham (what we here in NC call a city ham )in Dr. Pepper. Talk about good?'ll make you slap your pappy!
I must try that, I hate Dr Pepper to drink, but I imagine it would be even better than coke for the ham.
Are you talking about that "good ol county salt cured ham" We can't get that in Ca. Have to load up and bring some back to my sons when we return from N.C. It is vacume pakked so it lasts forever. (almost) My one son didn't put his in the ref. last June...he asked me if it was still good. What do you think? :? :? Marge
Well, you could cook a country ham that way as well. I like the flavor of country ham so much I generally don't do much embellishment to it. The ham I am talking about is the "Smoked Ham" that you can get all ver the country.

Speaking of that, in Vermont they make a marvelous ham called a "Corn-Cob Smoked Ham". I love those as well. Very unique flavor.

I would be inclined to believe that that country ham would still be OK. Bubba will probably come back and help out with this question.
Ooops, sorry Bubba - I just wasn't sure if you addressed this part of her question
It is vacume pakked so it lasts forever. (almost) My one son didn't put his in the ref. last June...he asked me if it was still good. What do you think?

I don't really know the answer except if it looks ok it probably is. I had one for awhile that was "home" vacuum packed and before I could use it it turned slimy and green :shock:
AahAAA! Missed that part. I would NOT eat one that had not been frozen and was that old. May be fine but why take chances. Food poisoning is oner of the worst kinds of sick!
After my works do on Friday night I said I had food poisoning. My partner thought it may possibly have been related to a glass of Bucks Fizz, half a bottle of white wine, a bottle and a bit of red wine, and a bacardi or two......hmmmmmmm I wonder! :roll:
Yes - an alcohol buffet usually has those nasty "food poisoning" bugs ALL over them - you'd think that ALL that alcohol would kill them, huh? :mrgreen: :P

Around here they call it the Monday Flu!! :roll:

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