Corn Pudding

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LOL, kitchenelf--i'll be having the "Superbowl flu" here in just over a week. whenever i catch a cold or whatever, i always say "i guess i'm not drinking enough"--you'd really think that alcohol in the system WOULD kill all those bacteria!
I always thought it was the flu injection doing me some good, but it must be all those powerful antioxidants in good red wine!!! :twisted:

We had our works do at Manchester United Football Ground. It was pretty hideous, I'm not a huge sports fan anyway. What was funny was the serving staff had no idea what the food they were serving was. We had chicken with some mystery stuffing. The waitress informed us it was mediterranean hour after our meal had been consumed!!! The desert was raspberry meringue tart, how can something with such a divine name be so disgusting??? The pastry was 'orrible.

No wonder I had to drink so much alcohol!
thanks for the recipe! i don't really do very well at using recipes, but i'm gonna try this one, but i'm switching the margarine out for butter. (i don't use margarine- too unhealthy). bought my creamed corn today with you in mind!:)
I hate margarine too.

Tried the corn pudding, but I went too light on the sugar (I think I used less than the recipe said) and cooked it a bit too long. But it tastes good. I'll keep this one in mind for later.
:ROFLMAO: Creamed Corn makes Luvs think of me and Atonic Jed thinks of me when he sees Dove Bath least they think of me in a good way..:cool:
Dove, I made this last night with supper & I guess I'm going to have to double the recipe next time. I thought hubby was going to lick the dish clean!!:LOL: Thanks for posting this, it's a keeper!
This reminds me of one of our favorites Corn Pie.

Recipe about 4 or 5 posts down.
Corn Pie
Thank you for posting ...I am so pleased that you liked it. I always have to double the recipe.
Marge~Dove:) :)

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