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Aug 25, 2004
I am ashamed to say that I haven't cleaned out the freezer for LONG TIME. I have st arted to tackle it today and wonder if anyone can give me some good clues as to how they go about doing this? I know this is annoying topic and many will pass over but it has to be done. It is BIG freezer and I just pulled the plug and left the lid up. I had help last time I did it and seemed to go fairly quickly but no one here and I know t hat is something they don't want to be around to help out . Thanks. I just clean with baking soda water right? I can't even find the book that came with it. Can you tell I am not organized?
I use vinegar in mine. I also use the blower on the vacuum to make it dry out faster. Good luck. That job blows...heeheehee.
I am glad I have all your sympathy. My nerves really get used on this one. Seems like life gets harder when you hope it will be good. Does your family dump on you too? If you cook, shouldn't they be willing to participate in your efforts? When I tell them my plans, they have obligations! Where do I come in? Oh, yea the oven is in need of cleaning too. Should have gotten self cleaning.
I do not have any handy hints cause I do not have a deep freeze, but I remember defrosting my fridgs years ago, and that was a nasty job. I cannot imagine doing a whole freezer. I will be thinking of you doing it. How long does it take??? Maybe a hair dryer would help melt the ice, but then how do you get the melted ice out? I imaging tipping it over is out of the question. I am at a loss, good luck.
We use a hair dryer to melt the ice..put a garden hose at the plug and let the water run down the drive way.

When we were first married (100 yrs ago) ou tiny Fridge has spots we couldn't reach (no hair dryers back then) so we would use a hypodermitic syringe (sp? what you give shots with) and squirt hot water in those area..since he worked at the base clinic he could bring one home.
Is this a chest freezer? If it is, it's really easy to clean. All you have to do is get a Rubber Maid rubber dust pan. Maybe it's vinyl. So long as it's tough and not made out of hard plastic.

Use this to scrape the frost off the sides and use it to scoop up the loosened frost from the bottom. That's all you need to do. You don't have to thaw and wash it. It can be done in so little time you don't even have to put your frozen food in a cooler.
PSIGUY, now you tell me. I just got it finished the 'old fashioned' way. What a mess! It is a chest freezer and worry now the food did not get thawed out too much. I am not going to worry about that. Just get the thing plugged in and lot of buildup off. I always, always, say I will do different next time but do the same way every time. I have to throw some of pizzas out because they are wilted. We always buy them on sale anyway. Now the durn thing looks like it needs new gasket. When you try to do something constructive find something destructed. Anyone know how to do that? I am not going to tackle that project until I got incentive to do so. Big freezer was enough for one day.
My 87 year old aunt has a small deep freeze which is not frost free and it is front opening, so water will drip out, she says. She also says that the freezer with a lot of build up is more economical than when it is free of icing. I do not know is that is true or not, but it does justify her not thawing it until she cannot insert a tooth pick into it or find anything that is in there. She unplugs it, puts the hair dryer on it to loosen the ice and scrapes away, and it works for her. Good idea that I had forgotten until I read psiguy's posting.
Frost is actually an insulator. Think IGLOO. So, the less frost, the more efficient it will run.

Upright freezers that are not frost free have regrigerant running through the shelves. You can scrape some of the frost off, but not with anything metallic or sharp. If you do, you run the risk of puncturing the regrigerant tubing.
Its cold here!

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