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Can't hear you, only the waves.

We had 90 degrees till late last week - this is our first rain storm for 6 months, I think. I love the cold! I'll take super cold over hot any day!
Well, that, and I look better in a sweater & jeans than in shorts (can you say pasty white?)
K I was lazy and skipped the pages in between....yaya so if someone else has posted this forgive me....once you have your deep freeze cleaned out, rinse with a solution of warm water and vanilla...this will eliminate the "frreezer odors" gathered there over the also works in the cooler that you forgot your weiners in at last years cook out (I have never done that senerio, ,but it gets the point across)
Deep Freezer

I thank you all for your suggestions and now that the job is finished, I am keeping all your suggestions until next time. How often do you all clean you freezer? Noresgog, (spelling?) your 87 year old aunt has a deep freeze? Isn't that great? She is doing well then to be able to keep up with life in some way. I just admire elderly people who manage to remain on their own. So many people I know are getting to be 90 years plus. This was considered over the hill but they are still climbing the hill. May we all be so blessed to keep our mind and know that we have a deep freezer to clean. I am very lucky to read all your comments. Life is not long when you fill it with happiness and humor the way you all do.

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