Dinner Wednesday, 4-29-2020 ~ National Shrimp Scampi Day

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Huh, shrimp were actually on my menu board for today - albeit shrimp and grits. Well I'm flexible. :ermm: Or at least my menu schedule is. :LOL: Shrimp Scampi it will be. On pasta. With a salad. Bread may be involved. Wine, possibly, too.

What are your plans for dinner tonight?
I'm thinking garlic shrimp with noodles, a kind of shrimp lo mein. I'll serve it up with some sugar snap peas. The pasta will be dressed with duck sauce. I might add some grated carrot (I prefer gently stir-fried and slightly crunchy) as DW has to have her carrots soft.

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Ready for the oven!


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A braised chunk of beef that was shredded, then finished with sloppy Joe type ingredients on the rolls above, with homemade chips.


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PIZZA! Preheating the oven now to bake a 16" pizza topped with peppers, onions, pepperoni. Beer is ready in the fridge.
Nothing really..not yet, anyway..I had a bag of duck meat in the refridgerator and finally got around to making egg rolls with it..we ate three..now I am not really hungry enough to make dinnner..hope I don't junk out later..


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Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice (that's OMG! in my world :LOL:), everything looks and sounds fantastic! I sorta feel underdressed tonight for the party :blush:


Dinner here in My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert
was grilled Salmon fillets
Steamed Green Beans and White Rice
Loved the little squeeze of fresh Lemon atop my fish,
I haven't done that in a while

I think dessert later will be Fiddle Faddle again ;)
Darn!!!! Darn!!!!!! Darn!!!!!!!!

Why didn't I read this thread earlier.


Can I pretend that tomorrow is Wed.?
No shrimp today, but I finally made something for dinner, since I couldn't do much outside today. I did harvest that red mizuna, which I used in place of the spinach in a delicious sounding soup in Milk Street's new Instant Pot cookbook - Persian Barley Lentil Soup with Spinach. Simple and delicious, and I will make it again. After the initial sauté of the onion, carrots, garlic, and tomato paste, the barley, lentils, seasonings, and chicken broth were pressure cooked 15 min, pressure released quickly, then the cilantro and greens were added, and simmered a few minutes longer. It was served with a dollop of full fat yogurt, and a drizzle of a little more olive oil.

Persian Barley Lentil soup, with a dollop of yogurt, for serving. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

I was tempted to use some dried limes in the recipe, since they said that the lime zest and juice were substitutes for dried limes - the ingredient of choice in the middle east. But I wanted to make it their way, first, then next time I'll try the dried limes, to see which was better.
Darn!!!! Darn!!!!!! Darn!!!!!!!!

Why didn't I read this thread earlier.


Can I pretend that tomorrow is Wed.?
Go ahead. After all, we're going by the coronacalendar. It's whatever day you want it to be.

Our salads were my version of a wedge: the lettuce is chopped and buttermilk dressing replaces the Bleu.

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