Do good and tasty food have to cook long?

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Sep 23, 2013
cape town
Having to wait long for a all time favourite is very disappointing.Being an expert in cooking doesnt take you hours to perfect it.It depends on what you are preparing,and the time it requires to be done.Valuable customers always come back for quality and quanity.The homesick will stay tuned in daily.Hygience free areas are first price as well as great menus for different foodie lovers.If good and tasty food takes longer, then the standard of your place have to be well groomed or entertained so your loyal customer keeps coming back for more.Thumbs up for homemade cuisines.What is the answer to do good and tasty food have to cook long?
Looks like the OP is using a online translator.
The answer to the question is no. It doesn't always take a long cooking time to prepare good food. I will say that there are times when cooking at a low temp for an extended time can be better....for example in the case of smoking a beef brisket.
Soups, stews and roasts made from tougher cuts of meat require long cooking times at relatively low temperatures because it takes time for the tough connective tissue to break down and melt into the dish.

And many preparations taste better after being cooked, cooled and reheated because flavor compounds continue to develop even after cooking has stopped. Spaghetti sauce, lasagna, beef stew, etc., are examples of this.

But dishes made from tender cuts of meat, or meatless, can be delicious and take much less time to make.

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