Egg Roll Skins, a Gift

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
Egg roll skins. We all love various versions of egg rolls. I've posted my recipe several times on DC, and it has been well received. HOwever, the egg roll skin is more versatile than one would think. That skins is a thiin pasta doiufg that is perfectly suited to deep frying. In that regard, here are some ideas for delicious fillings for your egg roll skins;

1 Apple pie filling -after filling, rolling and frying, sprinlke withsugar and cinnamon
2. Cooked cheesecake custard
3. lemon curd
4. fruit preserves
5. key lime curd
6. your favorite custard flavor
7. ground beef, onion, potato
8. pizza fillings
9, ragu with cheese
10. string cheese
11. blueberry p9ie filling
12. cooked cabbage and corned beef
13. Phylly steak
12. chorizo, refried beans, cheese

1 layer of encilladasauce, egg roll skins, ground beef, choppedoninon, black olives, queso fresco, sauce, repeat, bake like lasagna
2. same as above but with favorite lasagna fillings
3. skins layered wit cooked rice and cheeses

Won ton skins, fried
1. same as egg roll skins
2. cream cheese, minced crab. pinch of sugar
3. spinach dip filling
4. artichoke dip
fry with no filling, sprinkle wit cinnamon and sugar, or use with your favorite dip (guacamole?)
5. roll around breakfast sausage links, cocktail wienies, or sliced hoy dog rounds (or your favorite sausage tubes)
6. shredded pork, or chicken with hot sace, or bbq sauce

1. fill with ragur, and cheese, seal edges, cook in tomato sace (Sunday gravy)
2.fill with shredded beef, seasoned with onion, cummin, coriander, s&p, cilantro, boil in good beef stock
3. shredded cooked chicken,. minced onion, garlic, diced celery, ginger, 5-spice powder, fine dice water chestnuts, fine dice bamboo shoots, soy sauce, cook in hot & sour soup, or chicken broth, with chopped green onion

Any other ideas are welcome, spam, anyone?:LOL:

Seeeya Chief Longwind of the North

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