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Jan 1, 2004
Hi..It's been a very long time since I cooked an eye round roast and can't remember now how high to set the heat or how long to cook my roast. I remember if it's overcooked it can ruin it, but how long is too long?
About 4 pounds. Does 20 minutes per pound sound right? :roll:
Eye of Round

An eye of round is indeed, one of the tastiest cuts of beef there is. Overcooking CAN ruin it! I TRULY recommend the probe thermometer as an accurate means of measuring internal temp. Until you get one (please DO get one!) you can figure ROUGHLY 15 minutes a pound for rare; 18 minutes pound for medium rare; 20 minutes per pound for medium. I don't recommend any more done than medium.
What is cooking temp for eye of round


I read your post about eye of round, but you did not mention the temperature for cooking. Could you let me know what that is. I have several conflicting temp and times. The one I was planning to use is 325 degrees for 35 minutes per pound. I have been marinating the eye of round cuts, I have three at around 2.6 lbs each, over night and want to prepare them this afternoon for a 6:30 dinner....if you could get back to me soon this would be great...I am open for all suggestions.:)

All ovens are different so time will vary oven to oven.

The slower you cook it the more tender it will be, and the more fat will be rendered into the meat. 325 is good, use a probe thermometer as bubba suggested, they are very cheap, and easy to use. It is good for the meat to be done 15 or 20 min before you plan on sliceing it.

If you get the kind with a dial be sure to calibrate it. 118 deg. F, to 122 is nice rare.

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