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Nov 4, 2004
You've prbly talked about this before but, since so many of us are joining could you tell us about your favorite cookbook or about the one you use the most??

My favorite today ( it changes all the time) is the new Gourmet cook book. It has a million recipes that I want to try. A very nice varity of all kinds of foods.

But, the cook book that I use the most is Better Homes "The New Cook book" 10th edition. I've had it since 1995 and use it all the time. I'll be needing a new copy soon as the pages are starting to fall out. These recipes are all easy to understand and easy to prepare. Easy to follow too! Not that I ever follow them. I just use recipes for ideas and then add and subtracted as needed.
Two come to mind right away. The first is Baking Illustrated from the folks at Cooks Illustrated. It is a veritable tome of information! A bit cumbersome, in my opinion, for quick reference, but I couldn't do without it.

The other one that I love is Gale Gand's Butter, Sugar, Flour, Eggs. Great recipes, techniques, photos, tips, etc. A nice feature is that a beverage is recommended for each dessert. Great idea since it's something that is easily overlooked!

www.ecookbooks.com is a great place to by cookbooks. I've found that the have very good prices.
I prefer Julia Child's cookbooks over anything from Cook's Illustrated; but that is my preference.
All of the Best of Bridge. Couldn't live without them. They are an entertainers best friend.
Although I tend to use the internet more and more for recipes and ideas..the 2 cookbooks I turn to most are The Silver Palate...I have 3 of them and Dean and Deluca by David Rosengarten. Do you remember him from the Food Network? His recipes just seem to work..
Treasure the books by Julia and James Beard, but I suppose the one book that could not be pried away from me is Escoffier.

Paid less than ten dollars for it almost twenty years ago, and I still just love to read it.
favorite Cook book

well, it looks like I'll have to run out and buy a few more for my collection. YIPPPPEEEEE! Thanks for the ideas.
I don't hardly ever buy cookbooks for myself, but here are a few I have received as gifts that I really like.

Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook

Betty Crockers Best-Loved recipes

Good Friends Great Tastes

Have you Heard "A tasteful medley of Memphis"
I have a set that consists of 25 to 30 slim magazine sized cookbooks. Each one covers a different country and has many tips and much information as well as recipes. I'm fond of those ones.
History of Memphis cookbook


To give you an idea, the cookbook is put out by Subsidium which is a non profit group that helps deaf children learn how to speak. My mother use to be president of the group several years ago. What happens is Subsidium goes out locally and asks everybody to donate their favorite recipe for their cookbook. All the money goes back to the children. I have found many recipes in their that I just love. Their easy and simple.
I have equal love for these additional cookbooks as I do for Julia Child and Jacque Pepin -- but for mostly reading, not cooking.

For everyday cooking, I love -- Dori Sanders Country Cooking, Taste of Country Cooking and In Pursuit of Flavor both by Edna Lewis, and The Welcome Table by Jessica B. Harris.
I don't think I have a favorite cookbook. I have over a thousand of them. Collecting has always been my passion. I know what I do have though. Favorite recipes from lot's of favorite cookbooks.
mudbug said:
How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman has saved my butt numerous times.
Likewise on Mark Bittman, plus Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook and several in the Cook's Illustrated series.

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