Favorite game meat?

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Domestic rabbits usually taste different than wild one's. In the wild they can be quite discriminating as to what they eat. In captivity they usually have to subsist on whatever their captors give them and it's usually those lousy pellets that look like the junk the Pabst brewery used in beer making.
yes, I'll say yes, to anything............and I'll stuff it with other stuff..............just let me know.............my outlaws (daughter and son) and no they love me..........will agree............they will give this rabbit away free.............we've warned my daughter as we are all tired of taking tired of it...............
Now she's informed everyone that it will be at least until January until she can get the rabbit.........sorry, no can do.........the rabbit (who is really cute and sweet) is going to be given away to a good family as we're going thru our vet's office.............she can either come home now at her expense and take her or we're going to take care of her ourselves.............that's what I did with her sugar gliders when she left for college........she fully expected me to take care of them and I gave her and ultimatum.......either you find someone reputable to take of them or I would and she found the nicest family in Austin who drove up here to take the 3 of them and she still hears from them by email...........I just put my foot down.........well, the other foot is coming down on the rabbit..................
I think that Snipe must be the most exotic and elusive wild game ... I know when I was a kid in Scouts we used to sit out in the woods with burlap bags calling them all night and we never caught even one!
There is a snipe farm not to far from me, Michael. They have a sign out front boasting over 4 million caught and released.... something like that. I'll try to remember to snap a pic next time I'm up that way. With that many you would think you would see them by the side of the road getting grit, but I never have. Very elusive indeed.....
What is a snipe? I know that I can google it.......but I'd rather hear from you.......sounds smallish......and elusive............

There really is such a thing as a snipe (a small wading waterfowl) but you don't find them in the fields or woods of Texas! And, although you stand a better chance of finding them along the coast in the New England states than probably anywhere else in the US - the "Snipe Hunt" is a right of passage so time honored it was even in an episode of Cheers (Season 3, Episode 14 - The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter ... The guys take Frasier on a "snipe" hunt in the woods after Diane asks them to include the psychologist in their masculine pursuits.)

"Should anyone ever request your presence at a Snipe Hunting event, it is in your best interest to decline the offer. The true intent of their invitation is to have you out in the wilderness, often a field but woods are not an uncommon location, searching for a nonexistant bird. Thus, the true motivation is to make you look a fool. Snipe hunting is no more than a childish prank, but if the pranksters are talented enough, it is an easy one to fall in to."
oh, I would have been the first to volunteer if it meant looking like a fool..........of course it would mean me getting even with the prankster..........not good news for the prankster..........
Pheasant, quail, squirrel, rabbit... all very tasty.
Boar can be good, venison is usually good. Rattlesnake is nice for a change of pace.
Young groundhog is a lot like rich pork.

Favorite.. fried squirrel with mash potatoes and squirrel gravy is tough to beat.
Squirrel eh? Haven't heard of that being eaten before. I'm down for anything though, that makes me wanna go hunting in my backyard. I hear rattlesnake is awesome, I wanna try any snake.
Since this thread was dug up and we actually hunt them using a gun (spear that is), black grouper, mutton snapper and hogfish.:yum:
Most anything you can find in the woods, I've probably tasted at one time or another. My grandfather and his two brothers ran a sporting goods store for many years in the small town where I grew up. And when I say "sporting goods" I mean hunting and fishing supplies.

I don't know if I have a clear favorite, but I can tell you that the two meats I never cared for were raccoon and squirrel. Squirrel is tough and stringy. Raccoon is just... well... greasy and kind of weird tasting.
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I haven't tasted so many game critters as some of you, but I know I love wild rabbit, Ruffed Grouse, wookcock, bear, elk, and venison, especially if the whitetail have been eating corn. The tenderloin especially is amazing, like beaf, but with a more intense flavor. Except for catfish fro the Mississippy river, I haven't had a wld caught fish I didn't like. My favorite fish of all time will always be eastern brook trot,

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