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I could fry them I guess and I just might take some, cut up the tubes into rings, bread, etc. But it is stuffing the tubes I've read and seen that I want to try but am very nervous about. I'm afraid they'll end up so tough and rubbery you can play dodge-ball with them.
Sobey's had some great savings on Tues.
Eggs $1.00 off = $2.88.
Lamb Chops, down by $2.21 = $6.82 (there were 3, very tasty).
Pork Tenderloin (2) down by $8.19 = $8.27.
Haddock fillets $2.00 off = $4.77.
Frozen Squid tubes & ttcles $1.00 off = $7.99
Frozen Shrimp** $1.00 off = $8.99

Weird but bill says I saved $8.00 but add it up and it is over $16.00. So don't know where their thinking is at. Some say 'discount', some 'savings at cash', some 'instant savings'. But I guess I don't care as long as I saved 'something!

**It wasn't til today looking at the bill I suddenly read they were "cooked" shrimp - arghh! why didn't I notice that! I never buy cooked shrimp. What was my brain thinking?

Can't say the squid and shrimp were super savings - but I bought them anyhow. I will use the shrimp for sure but....

have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with the squid - have never cooked them before and have just always wanted to stuff them. I'll probably just stare at them until I get brave enough.
A long time ago, I found a recipe for stuffed squid tubes. The tentacles were chopped and added to the stuffing. They were amazing. Of course, I have lost the recipe. Look for a recipe that is highly rated. It was not difficult to make and was absolutely delicious. I remember the tentacles, fresh bread crumbs and lemon.....but wish I could find the blasted recipe.
Penzeys Spices is having a really good sale right now - 2 oz bottles of Mexican Vanilla Extract, regularly $16, are now $5 each. Also, you can get a free half-cup jar of one of 3 types of taco seasoning AND a free coffee mug with a $5 purchase! And a few other free goodies.

Reduced produce today:
2 bags of plums $1 each, total of about 8 lbs-which I washed and cut up off the pit, and am dehydrating until tomorrow.
$1.74/lb of sliced mushrooms x2, I cooked them and we'll eat them with spaghetti and sauce.
$1 large bag of 12 bananas
$1/lb strawberries x6, washed, sliced, refrigerated and frozen

$1.50/lb brussel srpouts x2
$2.99/lb fresh ginger, cleaned up and minced in food processor, frozen in flat little zip lock bags.
$3.99 digital coupon at picknsave (kroger), seedless watermelon
2 cantaloupes $2.50/each
And finally romaine, 3 heads in a package for $2.99 but we'll be getting garden lettuce soon! The sooner the better.

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