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chez suz

Senior Cook
Sep 19, 2004
As I was typing what I was making for dinner....I ended by saying I cant wait...it got me thinking..
What is your favorite meal of the day?? :roll:
dinner/supper. i could, and often do, eat dinner foods all day long as leftovers. sometimes, i don't eat all day because i'm so busy, then eat a first dinner at 7pm, then a second one around 10 pm.
It really depends on what I'm going to eat, so I don't have a favorite meal. But if I had to choose I guess I would have to say breakfast.
Possibly because you have the whole family there, crewsk. I was gonna say any meal that I am eating with others. Eating alone is not really having a meal, IMO.
That doesn't surprise me Crewsk! :LOL:
For me it depends on what I'm having or in the mood for. Although I can say my least favorite is lunch.
I like all the meals of the day. Each one has a distinctive flavor for me. I look forward to my breakfast of cereal and milk (the crunch wakes me up). My lunch is usually a sandwich or salad. And dinner is my big meal of whatever. I just love food.
Chez suz, all of the ones I get to eat. :eek: :LOL: But if I had to pick one, breakfast out and dinner in, lunch is just a go-between.
I would have to say lunch and especially at work. My coworkers and I usually congregate in our conference room for lunch. It is fun to see what others have bought for lunch. And we come up with some great topics of conversation. Since, I live by myself, I really enjoy that time dining with other people.
Definitely dinner. No one in the family is a breakfast eater unless on vacation. Too rushed, I guess. The same with lunch.

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