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Apr 10, 2004
Johnstown, Ohio
This comes from Station 29's #2 Unit. Might be the easiest dessert ever which is right up my alley as I'm not all that great at desserts! :oops:

1 pkg. yellow cake mix

3 20 oz. cans of cherry pie filling (or whatecer you choose)

1 stick butter

Spread pie filling in 13"x9" pan. Empty contents of cake mix on top of filling and spread evenly. Dot with butter and bake according to the directions on the cake mix box. That's it! The crisp topping turns out MUCH better than one would expect! :D
OK, refresh my memory...a stick is 1 cup of butter? Thanks DC, this looks yummy. I wonder if it would be as yummy with blueberry pie filling? I have some leftover...I feel an experiment coming on.
Alix, I make this often for a quick dessert - we call it Cobbler for Dummies.

Blueberry pie filling works very nicely, as do fresh or frozen berries. With them you need to coat in a little flour and sugar first. Crushed pineapple is also an interesting choice. Our favorite is cherry pie filling as Charc indicates.
You're such a smarta**, Alix, and that's why I love ya! ;) The first time I tried it was with blueberry filling, turned out great and, HEY! Just got the "Dummies" thing! Watcha saying there, Mud??? :LOL:
Before I tried it I thought that was too much as well but it's not. The "crisp" part turns out pretty thick so the three cans of filling is actually proportional! :)
Sorry, I forgot Kroger is a regional thing. Where do you guys shop down there? The only store I can remember is The Beer Store in the Outer Banks! :LOL:
Let's see, we have Bi-Lo, Winn Dixie, Ingles(that's where I go most of the time because there is one about 3 or 4 miles from my sons school), & Publix.
Some I guess. We get most of our peaches from Georgia & North Carolina. Allthough we have peaches here too. We have good apples down here. It's bad,I have lived here all my life & still don't really know what fruits our state produces. :oops: I normally stick to the wild blackberries, blueberries, & strawberries that grow in the woods & in the cow pastures aroung my parents & g-mas houses. I picked about 10 gallons of blackberries this past summer. Most of them were the size of my thumb(my g-ma calls those dewberries). I had to get my uncle to move the cows to the other pasture to get to the really good ones. I made jam, cobbler, pies, & pancakes from some of them & froze the rest for another time.
Yes you will! :D Just watch out for posion ivy & snakes! Snakes love to curl up under blackberry bushes because mice like to eat blackberries. Luckly the only snake I have ever encountered while picking berries is an 8 ft black snake that has been living at my g-mas for several years now. He is really a gentle giant.
Yes, they are good guys. Not only do they eat mice & rats, they kill the bad snakes. We have plenty of those around here too. Black snakes also can produce a strong musky odor that keeps bad snakes away.
DampCharcoal said:
HEY! Just got the "Dummies" thing! Watcha saying there, Mud??? :LOL:

Nothin against you. I started calling it that when I first learned about it from MIL. Prior to that, I had never made cobbler, so the dummy was me.

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