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Dec 25, 2006
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I guess I follow it, but Im kinda glad I do.
The past week or two Michael Symon has been cooking out of his home kitchen. Over the past few years Ive distanced myself from the reality contest cooking shows, and the highly produced , or should I say over produced , shows. Ive been going back to the roots of just simple people cooking.

But, now with this quarantine thing going on, they have been putting on certain chefs cooking out of their homes. No crappy background music, no product plugging, no commercials, no screaming chefs just basic cooking ( at least thats what Ive notice so far). Just basic cooking ( and semi interactive with people messaging in questions real time).

I really enjoy watching someone cooking out of their own kitchen, using basic products ( for the most part). I really feel Im learning and enjoying this more than what the network and cooking shows have evolved into these days. Maybe Im just old and crotchety, but it feels like a modern version of the good old PBS shows.

As I mentioned in another thread, Jacques Pepin tosses out a recipe mostly every day out of his kitchen too. The other day he made a soup out of leftovers while cleaning out the fridge ( something we can all relate too)

I also enjoy seeing their kitchens, their layouts. They all seem so comfortable in their settings.

***They play it live, but then leave it up to watch at your own convenience too***
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Here's a link to a bunch of Michael Symons videos.

I think I see them daily cause I follow Food Network on Facebook.

And I personally find it down to earth cooking ( at least in Michael Symons' case). Just some guy with knowledge cooking in his kitchen. ( in his slippers with his dog barking and running around until he gives it cheese)
I think The Michael Symon ones go Live each day at 5pm Eastern Time. But are available anytime after that, just not a live feed ( not missing anything by not watching it live). Not sure if there are others doing the same. I just happened to stumble on his videos a few times.
I've done a few of Ina Garten's recipe and they really are good. But... it may have been a one-off and her editors should have caught it. At one time she had e-mailed questions she would answer.
One question was, "I do not have access to fresh herbs, how do I sub with dried?"
Her answer - "Oh, you really need to use fresh, dry is not a good sub."
(that is not verbatum, but you get the gist) and that was all she said!

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