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Apr 10, 2004
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The Discovery is set to launch in just a little over two months from now! The External Tank was mated to the SRB's a few days ago and the robotic arm on the Discovery has a 50 foot extension, just in case a repair is needed. The Discovery is also carrying an Italian designed module to transfer over a ton of food and equipment to the ISS. I've railed against the ISS in the past but I hope and pray that everything goes well. I'm a huge fan of space exploration (wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid) and it REALLY sucks that both the Challenger and Columbia went down only a few days before my birthday. I'm rambling! Anywho, this link will tell you when the ISS passes overhead and is visible, always during early morning or early evening. When the Shuttle is docked to the ISS the reflection is incredibly bright in the sky. Very cool to see! :cool:

Here's another link, this is cool!
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