Friday, December 22, 2023, what's for dinner?

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Feb 20, 2011
Winn Dixie had young turkey breasts on sale for $1.99 last week. Craig had been wanting to smoke a turkey, but I don't like it enough to do a whole turkey. It came out absolutely perfect this time. Medium smoke and very moist. Leftovers for smoked turkey and wild rice soup, plus a few other dishes. He made my plate and he loves dressing so got a little heavy handed on that. A sort of deconstructed green bean casserole side.
Friday night's supper was a pork tenderloin roulade with apple and prunes. I made a sauce with the braising liquid, a bit of Dijon, Worcestershire, and cream. It was quite good. I served it with roasted sunroots (Jerusalem fartichokes), pan roasted conehead cabbage, and rødkål. We had Cordoniu, a Spanish bubbly of the Cava type. We ate too much. Very enjoyable supper.
Pork roulade, rødkål, spidskål, sunroots.jpg
Pork roulade, rødkål, sunroots, spidskål cropped.jpg
Being that I had a ton of stuff to do (Christmas stuff, making treats, dishes to wash, etc) and cooking dinner wasn't on my radar, my son and I ordered pizza and subs last night. I only ate half of my sub, so the other half will be tonight's dinner.

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