Friday, February 23, 2024, whatcha eating?

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Feb 20, 2011
Pizza Hut. Pepperoni and mushroom, pepperoni and sausage, BBQ brisket, and garlic roasted cheesy breadsticks. I didn't have the brisket one, but Craig said it was pretty good. The sausage and pepperoni was pretty good, as well as the garlic/cheese sticks. The pepperoni and mushrooms was okay. I had 3 slices, they were kind of small, and 1 bread stick.
Mr bliss is returning late from a basketball game tonight. We'll have salads. I cooked and seasoned some black bean tempeh. We'll put a little of that on top of the salads, then play cribbage.
We ordered from Thai Express. I had the Pad See Ew with chicken. DH had the fried rice with chicken. We shared an imperial roll and a bok bok bag (crispy chicken pieces). Very enjoyable, but too much food. Another time we will get one main course and some appies to share. That still might be too much food.
taxy, Thai Express delivers?

for supper I had Andy's Tuscan Butter Shrimp.


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Yup, dragnlaw, Thai Express delivers. Well, they do with DoorDash. But, I think that one delivered even before they started using DoorDash.

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