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Jul 11, 2013
Some time ago, I had cause to buy a tin of prunes in apple juice. I used about a quarter of the tin, and thought it would be wasteful to throw the rest out so I froze the rest of the contents (including the juice). Now I have a lump of frozen prunes in juice and no idea what I could usefully do with it. Is it foolishness and I should throw them out, or is there something I can make that would be interesting and tasty (and would need to use all of it - ie 3/4 of a standard tin). All ideas will be considered!
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I would just thaw them and eat them.

There are many old recipes for prune whip, pie, bread, cake, etc…

You could thaw them, strain them reserving the juice and purée them to make a thick jam for use in prune bars or something similar.

I always buy dry pitted prunes and use them to make stewed prunes using this old method called Never Ending Prunes.

Loosely fill a clean wide mouth jar with dried prunes, cover the prunes with boiling water, screw on the lid, cool to room temperature, and refrigerate overnight before serving.
Hm, those oatmeal bars seem interesting Aunt Bea. Seems like I have the right amount of prunes available and all of the other ingredients too.

Truth be told, I am not very keen on prunes! But mixed in with the other ingredients, I am sure they would be fine. Particularly like the lemon that is included in the recipe.
You could make my world famous prune casserole! :chef: Here's the recipe:

- 6 8oz cans prunes
- Dish

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Open the prune cans
3. Pour into dish
4. Cook for 45min

Partially thawed, Puree juice and prunes a little lemon juice for something other than sweet, sweet,, refreeze, Scrape Granita style, into bowl with Fruit garnish of choice. Like fresh Plums macerated in a Fruit Brandy like Grand Marnier. Maybe citrus would work better... I don't know your taste preferences...

Make Ice cream with it.

Cook in saucepan to concentrate liquid, blitz to create spread for toast, ice cream, filling for cakes, etc.
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Dates are sweet but prunes are sweet with a bit of tangy flavor that I enjoy. Prunes are plums that are dried out.
I would blend them in a food processor or blender w/their liquid, then cook them on low into a spread. I'd eat it on oat-fruit cookies, or toast. Plums/prunes are good with pork, could be used as a glaze.
I make a rolled pork roast that is stuffed with prunes and some other stuff. They do go well with pork and I don't usually like sweet with my savoury.
Like you taxy I'm not particularly fond of sweet with savoury. Once in awhile is OK. Prunes are better at the sweet than dates for sure.
For anyone who has some prunes to use, today - June 15th - is National Prune Day. :LOL:

Before I found that out, I used some in a way I often use them - 6 of them cut in half, in a bowl of oatmeal, with a small amount of various sweets in, either some palm sugar, blackstrap, or honey. I just cut them in half into the bowl, when it's cooked.

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