Global 8 inch or 10 inch Chef's Knife

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Knives are a very personal thing. What is a dream knife for ne person is a nightmare for another. I, and my professional chef son love Chroma Type 301 knives. My son has every knife they make in his knife roll. I have the ten inch chef's knife. There are many bad reviews of this brand. I've been using mine since 2003e , and it's still like new, and holds a good convex edge. Most knives are ground with a straight, Chisel, or compound bevel. The convex edge is stronger, more resistant to edge folding, and is very sharp. Of course, with some work, you can turn any edge into a convex edge.

That being said, all of what has been posted above is true. Chroma also makes a line of more traditional Japanese knives, with paka wood handles.

I also have a set of Chicago Cutlery knives, with walnut handles, that are in excess of 40 years old. They are still lke new as well. They hold an edge well, but are a challenge to sharpen. The steel is vey hard. They are also hollow ground, which I don't particularly care for. But for the money I spent on them, they have provided good service.

And don't dorgt American made knives such as Lamson -, or Warther Knives, -, and many others.

Hope this helps.

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This thread is from 2009. Some may not be following it. I don't have an answer for you (as PFD is a personal floatation device in my world.) ;)

As you see from the old thread, knives are a personal preference thing. Friendships have ended over less passionate feelings that people have. However, I am curious what knives you are considering!
Don't buy any expensive knife until you get to a proper culinary knife store that specializes in knives and hopefully talk to the owner of the store or an experienced expert and where you can handle and demo the knives. imo.
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