Good steak rub/seasoning?

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Jan 4, 2005
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Montreal steak seasoning is good if you just want something to pick up at the local grocery store.

Dizzy Pig makes a good one as well:

I am partial to some season salt and Sylvia's Sizzilin Soulfood Spice...but you can rarely find the Sylvia's anywhere... :cry:

Good luck with the new grill...and WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!
Wow that one do look crusty and big howdy to Stumper. Now I can eat a steak any old way but our favorite grilling type rub by far is Obiecue's Steak Maker. It even tastes real good as a brisket rub..goes good on pork and burgers real well. Now I dont think I ever tried it on chicken. It would not make a good chicken rub I dont think. I prefer Lawry's for the Seasoned I got a pal who likes Morton's Season All claiming the Lawrys have too much celery flavor in it..and can't says I disagree with him. I put it in comp chili is the only time I use it and for about 1 recipe. Now Lawrys do have some killer lemon peppa which when combined with Paul Purdhommes Poultry Magic in a ratio of 50/50 do make a dead turkey set up and take notice. Picked up that tip right on here I think. Thanks to whoever gave it out.

Wolfe Rub Bold is fabulous on all beef and will give you a great crust as well with bits of garlic and onion.

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