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Oct 3, 2004
I've had a large can of french goose fat from a gourmet deli sitting in the cupboard for a year now. I would appreciate your ideas as to what I can use it for. Thanks! :)

Good one!

Go back about 200 years, and "goose grease" was used as a salve for sunburns, tho' I believe you'd be better off with Aloe Vera "juice" today...

Speaking with ZERO practical experience, it might be "interesting" to try it as a "rub" on roast poultry skins, or as an "injection" as GoodWeed suggests...

A medium for frying skinless/boneless chicken breasts?

An "accentuator" for pate de fois gras?

I'm sort of "grasping" for "any ideas" here!

Anybody else want to pitch in?

Goose fat or duck fat are common fats in French cooking .... like bacon drippin's are in the Southern part of the US ... and smaltz (chicken fat) is used in Jewish communities in New York and elseware. It is both a fat for lubricating the pan to cook things in as well as a flavoring.

If it's in a can that has been sitting in the cabinet for a year ... you might want to taste it to make sure it has not gone rancid. Fats - animal, vegetable, or nut go rancid ... usually in about a year. But, if it is in a sealed can ... that might prolong it since air didn't get to it. If it doesn't taste rancid ... stick it in the freezer!!! That will extend it's life 2-3 years.

As for uses .... just think of where you would use any other fat or oil ... and think about the flavor it would add to the dish. Sweetbreads and onions sauted in goose fat would be yummy ... chicken sauted or fried in goose fat would be, too. Saute some beef cubes, onions, and mushrooms to make a beef stew ....
Mudbug stole my post. You have to try roast potatoes in goose fat. Boil them first, heat the roasting pan with the fat on top of the stove, bung it in the oven, the most divine potatoes ever.........promise!
Thanks guys! I guess this all means goose fat can be used just like any other oil for cooking, but with a yummier effect. A friend told me to make duck confit, poaching the legs in the goose fat over several hours. This sounds heavenly. The roasted potatoes sound really good too! Will try it! Thanks again! :D Oh, and yes I will definitely check for expiry and rancidity first!

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