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Oct 17, 2022
Cracow, Poland
Hello! I am organizing a Halloween party with my friend. I am looking for some special recipes for desserts, cookies or candies for this celebration. Maybe you have some and would like to share them with me? :)
Something my wife liked was when I coated stick pretzels in white almond bark and stick white mini marshmallows on each end....looking like bones.
My favourite has to be Spooky Witches Fingers - I've had grown macho men refuse to eat these! LOL Witches Fingers I've done these since 2009 and still popular.
Then there is Chocolate Mice, also from 2009. Because they contain sour creme must be kept refrigerated until the last moment. But delish! Chocolate Mice fun and cute.
Banana Mummies. Frozen 1/2 bananas on skewers, dipped in choc., drizzled with white choc, little candy eyeball dots.

and have just found a Spooky Calzone Snake Snicketypoosnay. Not made it yet but an elongated bread dough stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, seasonings, etc. rolled up with a curvature shape and baked. Might try to fit this in for this year.
Collect some empty white egg shells. Partially fill with flour (or baking soda), tape over opening with white tape. Draw on a face.

Give the kids a target to aim at and throw the "Ghosts" who explode in a puff of smoke. We just drew targets in chalk on the driveway.


don't fill them too full, you get a better "poof" with only about a teaspoon or so of powder. And these are NOT to be thrown at each other - they hurt.

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