Have a recipe for cream soup base, but how to make it tomato?

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May 31, 2009
Mobile, AL
I have a condensed cream soup base recipe that I absolutely adore with the typical standard ingredients of butter, flour and milk. I've used it for baked potato soup, cream of chicken/mushroom, cream of broccoli and so forth.

The one thing I cannot figure out though is how to make a condensed tomato soup using tomato sauce, paste or whatever.

Does anyone know or have suggestions? Or am I supposed to forgo the recipe altogether and use something else?

In any case, without buying condensed tomato soup in a can, how can I make one just as good, if not better? The trick is that it would need to be condensed so I can use it in recipes as well.
Get some tomatoes and oven roast them put them in your soup cream base and put them in a blender...
Have you tried adding tomato product to your base? Maybe just add a can of crushed tomatoes. I usually simmer my tomatoes with some shallots, add a touch of baking soda, then add cream. et voila: tomato soup.
have a recipe for cream of tomato soup i found at food network. not condensed though. am going to make next week. i love tomato soup and the canned versions have way to much salt.

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