Hi! Potato as base for cream soups?

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I made this with pretty good results. It uses both potatoes and cashews ( all blended up) to give it that creamy consistency. I would use a regular blender, or better yet, a Vitamin or one of those super powered blenders as opposed to an immersion blender.

Although not as good as its non-vegan counterpart ( with heavy cream), its still pretty good.

Many vegan recipes use some kind of soaked- blended up nut as a creaming element. Cheese is even made from the blended up nuts. I usually see almonds and cashews. I prefer cashews as they are softer and form a better consistency ( in my opinion).

***I'm kind of the token 'Vegetarian/ vegan' of the group, so if you have any questions, let me know.***

One and a half cups of liquid for 4 leeks and 1 potato is a leek puree, and I would imagine pretty thick depending on the size of the leeks. This summer the white parts of the leeks were close to a foot long. Also this is suppose to be 4 servings and a serving of soup is generally 8oz which would be 32oz's and 12 ounces of liquid in this recipe is a tad short. The obligatory cashews seem out of place in this recipe, maybe when cream is inferred the urge is just too overwhelming to add it in.
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I've never had an issue with it. I've made it about a dozen times. Sure, I'm not an exact recipe follower, so If it's thick, I'll just dilute it a bit with more broth. My main point was to show the OP how non dairy recipes can get around adding cream. Obviously, the end result is different than when cream is added, but if someone has a dietary restriction, it's an option.
***(My leeks are home grown, and are usually a lot smaller than the ones bought in stores. I usually just eyeball it ***
I never add cream to my potato leek soup and I make pureed soups without cream all the time. I guess I'm not sure what all the hubbub is about and potatoes are not needed and don't think I've ever used potato as a cream option. :)
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I like cream added to soup . Gives a nice texture and I just like the creaminess flavor if it. The closest substitute from a vegan point of view is full fat coconut milk , which adds a very similar texture , but the coconut flavor totally changes the taste. The soaked/ ground cashews isn’t bad, and blended up potatoes could add a somewhat creamy texture . When making a mushroom barley soup , the starches from the cooked barley could also thicken and give a slight creamy texture . I’m a soup lover . I personally prefer the broth than what’s in it. My wife will pick out all the ‘good stuff ‘ and then pass over the rest for me to finish up .
Yeah, I was going to say coconut milk, but like you say, it's pretty obvious but I've used in a lot of SE Asian cuisine and soups. Personally I prefer a soup that isn't cream based and not pureed.

Have you tried a veloute as a base for a cream soup? It works beautifully and you can omit the butter and use a vegan alternative as long as it's oil based, a veg oil will work and of course a vegetable stock as well. Cooking veg in the stock and adding those to the veloute then blitzed in a vitamix for example works really well.
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The timing is freakishly perfect. I order tomato soup today, and in the fine print it mentions using Potato instead of cream. I haven't tried it yet, but I figured it fit win with this thread.


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At the times when I make meat soup, but need to make it creamy, for kosher reasons I cannot add dairy, I use potato. I cook a whole potato inside the soup, and then use blender to mash it really fine with liquid and then back to soup it goes. Mix well before serving.

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