Healthier to eat no meat at all?

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Hi, I think if I remember right, I heard on the internet some years ago or more that it was healthier to eat no meat in your food. I know beans and nuts provide protein or a lot of protein so meat isn't really necessary to have protein in your body.
If eating meat was bad for you, the species would have died off thousands, if not millions of years ago. Try a Mississippi Pot'll put a bounce in your step!
I am a typical omnivore and I think that that is what we thrive best on. A bit of everything.
Having said that: it is very well possible to live and stay healthy on a vegetarian diet.
On a vegan diet, you need to be a bit more careful, but the same is possible. Just look at India.
Also really look at it and you will see a lot of bean and lentils being eaten, which to me is why it works.

I'll stick with my diet. A bit of everything ;)
You need the oils/fats supplied by meat. Otherwise you need to find alternative sources rich in oils/fat. You would be surprised how much you need.
But that includes all fat. Which is probably why nuts and peanuts are (also) considered essential in a vegan diet ;)
But that includes all fat. Which is probably why nuts and peanuts are (also) considered essential in a vegan diet ;)
Yes. The problem is that a vegan diet has become almost a fad, especially among teenagers, who aren't known for their great decision-making. Lots of people don't realize that they can't absorb fat-soluble vitamins when they don't eat enough fat. That can easily lead to malnutrition.
I have a brother-in-law, and his wife, who have been fruit-cake style vegetarians for 20+ years.

they look like death warmed over.

in addition to quite noticeable physical problems/ailments, she is mentally in stage 200 of some disorder, he cannot drive for lack of vision and acuity.

for people who desire to be all vegetarian/vegan, etc - do get some professional/knowledgeable advise on your diet. their homespun efforts are not working out....
our son stopped by to visit them, they went out to eat, he got a hamburger and they told him he'd have to sit at another table.
that's a fruit-cake.
Inuit would have a tough time being vegan.... not being facetious, but it does seem to me that humans are successful because we can and do adapt to what we have available to eat. We are less successful at being balanced in what we eat, and that is often where unhealthiness happens.
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paleontologists attribute the rapid increase in hominoid brain size to the increased dietary protein as fire, cooking, hunting meat "got learned."
I have not done my own research. I do plan to ask my nutrionist this next time I see her. I would just rather be smart and safe about it then sorry for now if it is right or possibly right that eating no meat is healthier since I dont know for certain. It's like if someone asks weather its healthy to smoke cigarettes when people say its ok, cool or healthy for you, then you hear about or see something on the net saying smoking cigarettes is not healthy and bad for you when you don't know yourself. The solution is to just not smoke cigarettes at all, it is as simple is that and that's what I have done for now by deciding not to eat any meat, I don't want to risk putting my body in a non healthy state. If it really is healthier to eat no meat, then that's what I would choose, the healthier option. If its healthier to eat meat with food, I would choose to eat meat. I don't believe either way. I just want the truth and facts.

The dictionary definition I suppose. having a well functioned healthy body
This is a very interesting conversation. There are definitely varying qualities of protein. What that means is some are complete- they have the 9 essential amino acids that our body is unable to create on its own. Other foods do not contain all 9 amino acids and are then considered incomplete. That doesn’t mean inferior.

With that said, if we eat a variety of foods, it is likely that we will provide our body with all 9 essential amino acids. I think that we do that fairly intuitively, think peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, rice and beans. As to whether meat is necessary… for people that willing to learn how to eat as a vegetarian or vegan and apply that knowledge to their meals the answer is meat isn’t necessary. For me, I like meat but am cutting back a little.
@GotGarlic or @anyone else who knows
I already have barley to provide carbohydrates with the beans I eat daily with each 3 meals. Would you say the barley is enough carbs so I don't need the rice?
dcnewbie, you need to consult a professional nutritionist and/or dietitian. Garnering bits and pieces of information here and there is not going to be satisfactory. There are so many things to be considered for each individual. Medical history, occupation, current health, etc. etc. The interview/questionnaire is quite intense. They need to know it all.
Nothing wrong with asking questions but it really sounds like you want us to give you a specific diet and say this is perfect for you.
Use it is a free website application where you can enter in the foods you eat and it tells you the fat/carbs/protein, vitamins, minerals you are getting and in what amounts you are getting them. This is also an app for smart phones. It's free and you'll be more well informed.
@GotGarlic or @anyone else who knows
I already have barley to provide carbohydrates with the beans I eat daily with each 3 meals. Would you say the barley is enough carbs so I don't need the rice?
That part of your question "so I don't need the rice" made me think of a blog I found a lot of related information on quite a while back. You should find some useful information, not just on the barley, but a lot of other grains, comparing them to rice - this is mostly for Indians, that are eating mostly white rice, and she is offering alternatives. There are also many other articles about all of the legumes, as well as other related things that might interest you.

I agree with @dragnlaw : you really should be talking to a dietician (or GP)
While there is good information online, there's also a lot of rubbish.

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