Hello and I am new here!

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Apr 23, 2011
New Iberia, Louisiana

I found this site kind of on accident when I was reading the history of Bolognese Sauce -- courious about the milk and nutmeg aspect. I am guessing the milk proteins tenderize the meat and, of course, the nutmeg goes with any cream sauce.

Well, to make a long story short that was how I found this site and I really had no idea there were so many cooks-chefs who love to cook as I do and to be able to interacting with each other. What a great idea!

I have cooked most of my life and I love to cook--probably more like live to cook and make people happy. I think after all these years, I have finally figured out that I am truly a servant.

Anyways, I look so forward to getting to know all of you and that we all have a common bond -- cooking.
welcome Lyndalou,
glad to have you with us. Enjoy and please join in.
LindaLou - I have to warn you about these people .. they are all way too much fun !

I just joined here last night and I was sooooooooooo entertained by these crazy folks !

You can tell this is like one big happy family here.

Oh .. and the information available on this sight ... OMG .. I was up waaaaaaayyyyyyyy past bedtime trying to absorb as much as I could. I can see already this place will be my first stop of each day.

This is an awesome place ... enjoy your stay !
Thanks and I am so glad I ran across this website too. I had no idea there was a place we could all meet and talk about cooking. I think it is wonderful.

A big warm welcome to you too!

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