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Sep 16, 2010
Worcester, MA

Im Christine and I just moved from Cincinnati, OH to Worcester, Mass last month. I am married, have 2 kids (girls, 8.5 and 1.5), have 2 dogs (boys, wiemar/lab mix and a terrier mix) and am currently not working b/c I can't find a job!! I'll probably be doing more of the cooking since Im at home for now and my husband works so Im glad I have this forum to help along the way! My husband is a fantastic cook so I have a lot to live up to! hahaha.

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

-Christine M.:chef:
Welcome to the site. I am your neighbor. I live about 15 minutes from Worcester. There are a lot of great places to eat there so when we have money to spend on dining we often end up in Worcester.

Hey - thanks for the reply! I have eaten at Peppercorns (loved loved loved it!). My husband was brought to the sole proprieter when he interviewed and had lots of good things to say about it. Im looking forward to having money so we can go out to eat, hahaha - but my hubby is a very good cook so luckily we dont' have to go far for great food! You'll have to let me know of some other places that you enjoy going to! We like allll kinds of food.

Hey giginpeppep! Thanks for the reply (both here and to the meatball post). Glad to hear you like the forum/website! Im excited to join in on all the fun! :)
Hi Christine, welcome . . . I'm new here too and I've been really enjoying reading all the posts and comments, along with the great recipes that you'll find here.

The Sole Proprietor is great. My wife and I like to go there for special occasions.
There is a great tapas bar called Bocado and a Mexican tequila bar called Mezcal. They are owned by the same people I believe. They are both a bit more upscale than the average place in Worcester, but nothing to crazy. Both offer valet parking which is good because Bocado, while it is a great place to eat and drink, is not in the best part of town. I would not recommend parking just anywhere. Use the valet as they have their own lot which they keep a close eye over.
Mezcal I have only been to for drinks and apps. We went for my birthday, but the wait for a table was over two hours. We found a spot at the bar and ordered their guacamole sampler which had three different kinds (delicious!) and I got a few tequila flights. They have a very large tequila selection and I was turned on to one in particular which has become my drink of choice.

Another great place is One Love Cafe. It is a little Jamaican place run by a super nice woman who treats you like family. The place is very small and it is a very laid back slow atmosphere there. Only go there if you are not in a rush, because they work on island time there. It is well worth the wait though if you like Jamaican food. The goat curry is my favorite thing I have had there so far, but I have yet to taste something there that I did not love. There is a food co-op right next door where they get a lot of their food from. That area of town looks a little shady too, but I do not think it is. i have never had any problems in that area so don't let looks fool you.

If you like meat, and lots of it, then check out Pampas Churrascaria. It is a Brazilian BBQ. The meats there are fantastic and they have excellent side salads to go along with it. Only go there if you are really hungry and love meat though. Pampas Churrascaria is just behind Shrewsbury St on which you will find a ton of great places to eat.

Dino's Ristorante Italiano is fun for Italian. they have really interesting dishes. I was there last weekend and had a veal and crab dish in a seafood sauce that was out of this world. They also have excellent pizza.

That should get you started at least. if you have not already, you might want to check out yelp.com. That is where I found out about a lot of these places initially. There are great user reviews and you get a good idea if it is the type of place you would like.

There are also a lot of great places to eat in the Worcester suburbs, but that is another post entirely ;)
Hi littlechef! thanks for the message! yea, it seems like a great place to share ideas and recipes! I want to cook healthier meals that taste GOOOOOOD. traditionally I cook sort of down-home (meatloaf, mac and cheese, lasagna, etc.) which are loaded with fats and calories...but taste soooo good! hahaha
Wow, thanks for all the info GB! I can't WAIT to try One Love Cafe!!!! The others sound great too Im so excited. I'll keep you posted when we go there. thanks again!
I can't wait to hear what you think of One Love. My daughter absolutely loves it there. Venice (the owner) is so nice to the kids and is just such a great person in general. She really makes you feel at home.
I love places like that!! There was this little costa rican take-out/small diner that opened up in cincy just before we left and the same type of atmosphere was provided. they literally only had empinadas, rice/beans, tamales and potato cakes on the menu but it was sooooo good! I can't believe this, but I forgot the name of it!!!!
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