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Assistant Cook
Aug 26, 2022
Cochrane AB
Hello: I’ve been looking for a food forum for some time, and this seems like it might be a good fit.
I love to cook, typically vegetarian, healthy foods, along with my passion for different ethnic foods and experimenting with spices.
I have a diploma in natural nutrition, which i work with a lot, but I also love to bake really bad, but tasty desserts, and a lot of different breads.
I’m looking forward to sharing, and getting fresh ideas and help.
Welcome to Discuss Cooking. Your interests, as far as food goes, make it sound like you will fit in just fine here.
Hello and help

Hello, I'm new to pressure canning. I canned pork last year with a friends canner and it was perfect. I bought one and canned some beef tonight. In my infinite wisdom I didn't fully review instructions fully and forgot to vent before processing. I'm pretty sure it needs to be redone. I'm just asking to confirm. I may just freeze the cooked meat instead of reprossessing it. What do you ou all think. Thanks!!
Pressure canning

I can’t help with that I’m afraid, as I only can fruit, beets and salsa. You do have to be extremely careful with meat, as you know, so maybe it’s best to be on the safe side and redo.
I think you are right! It is just like me to try the hard stuff to pressure can first. Lol! Well lesson learned and I won't bake that mistake again.
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