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Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
Or failures, for that matter. What things did you do this season that were huge hits, what where failures. What did your friends or family do where they missed the mark, and what did they do that made you feel all warm and fuzzy. Anything is OK, but anything with a lesson we can learn from, rather than cute and cuddly, is appreciated.
For Thanksgiving, I made brie en croute and brought it to both places we went (made 2). Everyone loved it, including me :) It's a keeper. On Christmas Eve, I made the cardamom braid I usually make but it didn't rise very well. It was a lesson on how humidity affects how it rises. I work with yeast maybe twice a year so this was news to me. I got a lot of good deals on the gifts I bought this year because I put a lot of effort into getting the bargains so I'll be sure to do that again next year.
all of my gifts to family hit the mark. i match them to things they like to do. ie cookbooks to my oldest granddaughter. grilling seasoning from penzeys for daughter's boyfriend that like to bbq. the biggest hit were my babies. four great granddaughters were very excited about the gifts i gave them. try to match the gift to the person.
My Christmas dessert was a real keeper. Several years ago I found a picture on the internet of a dessert that was reminiscent of an almond joy. But there was no recipe. I've looked at that pic for a long time. This year I finally tackled it. WOW! I should have worked this out years ago.


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