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Sep 8, 2020
I am new to home canning and we canned some tomatoes. My son (14 year old), put the cans in the refrigerator (SMH!). So my question is this....can we take them out to store? (same thing done to Peach Preserves).

Thank you for your answers!!
Were the jars hot, warm, or cold? Had the jars sealed? If the jars were cold (out of the canner 24 hours) and sealed, there would be no problem. If the jars were hot, then you have a problem. The jars would not have sealed properly if put in the refrigerator hot.
They were fully sealed (popped) and cooled in the kitchen for a few days. We (my wife and I) asked him to take them downstairs to put away and he put them in out extra frig.
Since they were cooled and already properly sealed, the stay in the fridge won't do them any harm. Sort of a waste of time and kinda funny, but harmless.

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