Home from hospital again

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thanks everyone. fell in my bedroom, spent the day trying to call people. my son came right over and he called 911. they thought maybe a stroke, but luckily wasn't. just very tired from learning to use walker. no cast, just a big old black boot.
Babe, you take good care of yourself. Do you have a lifeline system where you are? Those buttons you where on your wrist or on a necklace that you can push to get help? My Dad has had his for about 7 years and used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago when he couldn't call out to us in the middle of the night. If you are alone it is even more essential.

I wish I was closer and could come and look after you. :)
Babe sorry to hear you've broken your foot. I know it must hurt a lot. Please be careful. I hate to think of you neeeding help and being all alone. As Laurie said think about one of those call buttons or even assisted living where you have help when you need it.
thanks everyone, i do have the button thing on my neck. just didn't want to do it. thought i would be ok. by the time i realized i that i was not going to be able to handle it myself, that blood sugar was so low, that i couldn't think straight. stupid of me i know. i just hate the whole fire department business. anyway, no pain in foot. dr. says clean fracture. i see him next week. all of my family are mad at me for not going to rehab place ( read nursing home) that is not going to happen. stubborn yes, stupid i am not. you will all remember my friend, a vegetable for a year now. happened in hospital and so called rehab.
Babe, hope your foot heals quickly. Stubborn is okay, but press the button if you need help! Your family will be thankful you did.
Oh Babe! That's what the button is for. And the firemen don't mind, it's what they do!
Take care of yourself!
Yes Babetoo, I sure hope you're better! I used to install those lifeline systems for people through our church, around here it's all volunteer work. Please do use the button! I know, others have said so and I should just hush now... and I know first hand what low Blood Sugars can do to us.. :(

You take good care of YOU !
another fall, hospital again, two weeks. found out what was making me fall. two medicines that should be given together. badly injured muscles in leg. on the mend now and hope is last trip to hospital.

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