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Oct 16, 2010
First i must say i love those salad bar hot peppers and store brand pickled ones.

Now this summer i actually grew few things. Very proud of myself:ROFLMAO: .

Ate most of the stuff but now that its cold all i got left is a bunch of Jalapeno Peppers and Green Tomatoes. I pickles one of each....which i am also very proud of haha. Mainly because i tend to procrastinate to the point that everything either rots or dries:rolleyes:

Now i got about 8 peepers left and i'd like to attempt to duplicate store bought peppers, but cant find any DIY recipes.

......sooooo if you have ideas or links please throw them my way.

What I managed to pickle...have not taken a bite yet , want to let them marinade a bit----->>>


What i have to work with--->>>



What i'd like to duplicate ---->>>>



I admit I don't know much about pickling, but several years ago I had a jar of mixed vegetables with a lovely pickling juice. I cut up some fresh vegetables and added them to the left over juice and soon had excellent pickled vegetables.

So if you have a jar of the flavor you like that's almost finished, you could try my trick. I was very satisfied with the result.

Welcome to DC.

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