How many use a deep fryer?

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Aug 25, 2004
USA, Oklahoma
This past winter, I bought a counter-top deep fryer, 2 L capacity. I mainly use it to make fried chicken, with some french fries and fried pirogies. One of these days, I'm going to get some shrimp and fry some.

Do any of you all have a deep fryer, and if so, what do you cook in it?
I have a Fry Daddy but refuse to use it. I had a chicken liver explode & shower my hand with hot oil! My mil is giving me a deep fryer with a lid that closes while you are frying. I like to fry squash, zucchini, okra, whole baby potatoes, chicken, chicken livers, oysters, I could go on all day!
I use a 50 year old deep fryer. It's called a heavy old aluminum pot. Never fails. Always works. Near impossible to break. Nothing to burn out or break.
I have a deep fryer... I use it for lazy days when I just wanna eat something that just isnt healthy :)
I have my grandfather's electric deep fat fryer from Montgomery Wards. I am afraid to use it though - fear of old wiring.
I have a fry daddy, but haven't used it in years. When I did use it I would make falaffel.
I've got a Fry-Baby (or is it a Fry-Daddy Jr.?) and a Fry-Daddy and I bet I haven't used either one in 5-10 years. They just don't regulate the temp that well. Have seen several of the new fryers and it's just not worth the hastle to have to drag them out of storage to use. I use the Psiguyy fryer methond ... old heavy aluminum pot with a pour spout on the side, and a thermometer. Less mess, less fuss, and doesn't break down.
I have a Europro 5 liter deep dryer. I have made french fries, wings, chicken cutlets, onion rings, crab rangoon, etc.

Try breading some pounded chicken breasts with panko bread crumbs which have been seasoned with an Italian seasoning mix. They cook up in a couple of minutes. Delicious.
I have an old fry daddy copy (don't know the make) that was left by an old girlfriend. I mostly use it for french fries or jalapeno poppers, but I've also cooked zuchinni, eggplant, oysters and shrimp. I always make my fried chicken or fried fish in my cast iron skillet. I would like to have one of the newer models with the lid though to cut down on the oily mess.
the best deep fryers have a removeable/submersible quick heating element with an agc circuit, so it regulates the temp when adding food.
i have a fry daddy, and the only way to make it work well is to do a lot of really small batches, letting it re-heat between each batch for a minute.
I have a Fry Baby, given to me. The only thing I have used it for is french fried sweet potatoes, one time. I am the only one in the family who likes them and so it sits in its original box in MY storage shed. I don't like french fried white potatoes, so if my family want ff let them go to McDonalds.
Do I seem mean spirited or not?
I lust for a DeLonghi CoolTouch Deep Fryer. It's got a clamp-down lid and looks way cool and space-agey, and as though it has plenty of room, so the oil has a better chance to staying hot between batches. Plus -- I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly -- I *think* it goes to 400 degrees. Most models seem to go only to 375.

No - I use a cast iron dutch oven and thermometer and just fish the food out with tongs or one of those shallow ladles with the holes.
I have a deep fryer and Im not sure I could go with out it. I love frying baby potatoes, fries, ,onions, battered veggies, chicken, I've also done my dry ribs in it. Yep, Im sure I couldnt go with out......hey guyys, can anyone post a pic of a Fry Daddy or come it has a special name??? LOL.....
A Fry Baby (which only held 2-3 cups of oil) was smaller than a Fry Daddy (which held 2-3 qts of oil) .... if I remember right .... got one of each somewhere in the closet.

Don't have a camera .....

Basically - they are both a pot with a heating element on the bottom.

I have a Moulinex DF with a snap-tight lid. We usually cook french fries, chip fries and chicken in it. I am terrified to cook in hot oil on the stove because I nearly had a kitchen fire due to "tater tots" about 12 years ago.

I don't use the DF as much as I'd like to because it is terribly difficult to clean. Does anybody have and cleaning tips? Also, how often should the oil be changed?
every 3000 miles or 3 months?, only kidding. i use fresh oil every time i use my fry daddy, but i only use it once in a blue moon, and i haven't made all that much in it, so i'm not sure just how much you can cook in it, or how long the oil will be good for.
a chinese restaurant by my job makes an excellent deep fried 1/2 chicken, but you have to catch them early on the day they change the oil. they partially fry a big load of chickens, and put most to the side to be re-fried later on when someone orders one. if you get there early, they will fry one all the way until done in one shot. they taste so much better this way. after a few days tho, the oil has been adulterated by so much chicken fat that the food fried in it doesn't taste very good.
fresh oil, at the right temp, and for the appropriate amount of frying time is the way to go...

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