How to make a rice with ghee/butter/oil in pressure cooker?

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Yummm, medtran, that sounds really good. Will certainly be adding all those things next time.
First had it in the restaurant in the castle at Walt Disney World years ago when DD was young. She's 44 now. The recipe, which I don't use anymore, as I wing it, was in 1 of the Mickey Mouse cookbooks.
You cook it long enough for the grains to change color. The rice grains absorb the fat and kind of become translucent? You'll know it when you see it. You have to stir it pretty often, not constantly, but close.

You can also cook it long enough for the grains to start browning. The flavor gets nuttier, the best way I know to describe, the longer you cook it.

Yes, jasmine and basmati are usually 1 part rice to 1.5 liquid.

Our favorite and simplest pilaf is to first sautee in half and half butter and oil chopped onions and celery, then add some chopped mushrooms then add the rice (long grain), chicken stock for liquid, S and P, bring to a boil, turn off heat and let sit for 20 minutes at least while rest of meal cooks.
To add to this, as the rice browns and develops flavor, you can smell it, too. This is what lets me know when it's time to add the water, especially when I'm prepping vegetables in another part of the kitchen ?

One of my favorite ways to make it is the recipe from my Turkish cookbook. They brown a half part orzo in butter, then add 1 part rice, salt and water and cook as usual. I like to let the orzo get good and brown. It's amazing how much flavor this adds to a simple food.
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