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Aug 25, 2004
I have asked about many strange things before and always gotten response so here I go again. Does anyone have recipe for hummus w/different kind of vegetables? #1 son has gotten used to eating this with his meals. Said it tastes good and I should see about recipes using it. First, it was tofu, next health mix, yogurt, now hummus. Does anyone use this and like it? I know there are many different recipes but having personally preferred one is reason for asking. Thank you. He doesn't like avacados the way I do. Tells me I am gaining weight. But it is good weight right?
I love hummus and have made it from scratch before, but this is actually something that I usually end up buying in the store and it is almost as good as homemade. The store carries so many varieties such as hummus with lemon, red pepper, chives, garlic, and just about a million other kinds. Sometimes I just buy it plain and mix in my own extras at home. Any herbs from your garden are a great addition.
I like it very much too. Get some pita bread, smear in a big spoon of hummus, add some chopped lettuce, tomato, red onion. Great.
I like it mixed with red bell pepper too.
Sometimes I'll make it and add some whole chick peas, so I have the blenderized chick pea Hummus mix with whole chick peas and put that in a sandwhich like above. You could put some Feta in the sandwhich too.
Boy, thank you very much. My family will love you for it. All these strange things never heard of them before. Will check your recipe and make it. Anything so they know I am not ignoring them. Even make a sandwich out of if with Feta. I would never had thought the two go together.
In the Kitchen, I am assuming you know how to make hummus.

Anyway here is how I make it. Middie's recipe is similar the only thing is that I like to keep Tahini (Sesame paste) handy at home.

Garlic - 3 cloves
3 tbsp of tahini paste
1 can garbanzo beans
4 tbsp of olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
pinch of cumin
lots of chopped flat leaf parsley
paprika for garnish
salt to taste

Blend all the ingredients except paprika and parsley which are used to garnish the hummus.

Now to using it. The best thing to make with hummus is falafel. It's basically a dry bean powder that you mix with water and spices of your choice even herbs. Mix it all together to create a thick batter. Drop by tbsps into hot oil and then drain on paper towels

Serve on pocket pitas with chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes and a generous serving of hummus smeared. It's really very very good.

Hummus can also be used as a sandwich spread for roasted vegetable paninis or any other sandwiches (hot or cold).
i don't know how to make it, but if you hummus a few bars... (ok sorry, lutzzz's mutiny really has me listing to port...)
Ohhh Yakuta is right. Falafel is a great thing to make. I would also take some of the tahini and thin it out with some water and maybe a little lemon juice to make a sauce for the falafel. Pack it all into a pita with lots of veggies and you have a great meal!
Falafel, I am getting awfully hungry. Where do you get this Falafel? Find at health food store or grocery store? I have never heard of all this before. I just ate some hummus with feta and put on pita cracker. Now I can't stop eating. This falafel sounds great. Use it for appetizer or can you make meal out of falafel? Is it some kind of thickner for hummus? Or am I talking about hummus when I say falafel? Said it was dry bean powder I don't want to appear dumb but I am ignorant about hummus. Like buckytom said hummus a tune is more familiar. Glad someone knows what I mean. Thanks you guys I love you all for your time to make my life better.
itk, a falafel is a sammich made up of balls of spiced ground chickpeas that are deep fried, then put in a pita with lettuce, tomato, maybe a little green pepper, onions, and tahini sauce. they're very tasty (i'm getting tired of saying deelish and sooo good). i like 'em with a good shot of hot sauce on top...
Wonderful buckytom. You really make me laugh. I look forward to your responses. It sounds great. You guys are so smart. Thanks
InTheKitchen O.K. a more elaborate explanation which hopefully will be if nothing informational :)

Hummus is like a mayonnaise or spread - It's just an exotic version made with chickpeas, tahini (which is sesame seed paste) and the ingredients I mentioned in my recipe.

Falafel: Are like little fried balls (similar to hushpuppies) that are used to stuff the pita sandwich.

I have brought Falafel from middleeastern stores and it's basically ground beans. I believe they are either black or moong beans and you dry ground them into a powder. You then take the powder amount to your liking, place it in a bowl, add spices and seasonings and then fry them. The batter should not be thin and runny but should be nice and thick so it can form the stiff balls.

In a pinch you can use hushpuppy batter if you live in the South. If you have access to a middleeastern store you can buy the powder readymade as a package and follow instructions. If you have an Indian store closeby you can buy moongbeans and then dry grind them and use them.

It is a full meal. When I make it I serve it with either a fruit salad (because my kids are fruitoholics and I can never have enough stocked at home) and another side salad such as tabbouleh which is a cracked wheat salad made with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice and lots of parsley.
I buy falafel mix from my Whole Foods market. You should be able to find it in health food, middle eastern, and upscale food shops.

I actually tried making them from scratch once and it was a disaster (all my fault though as I improvise the recipe). I filled my apt with so much smoke that I couldn't see anything for about an hour. Here is a picture of my apt after an hour with all the windows and doors open.

Hi GB that is funny and amidst all the smoke and confusion you had time to get your handy camera out and snap a picture :).
You people must sure know each other pretty good. Sounds like my brothers and me. As long as you consider the source, it causes no hard feelings. Yakuta, you sound like you really have healthy family the description of your meals. So great to raise your kids on something other than McDonalds. I have eaten there so seldom but when I do I am not hungry until next day. Must have some kind of filler in the sandwich. I don't like how quickly everything gets served. The best meals I prepare take long. I try to do things as sanitary as possible. (If I could, I would even throw Clorox in the pot when I prepare meal. Clorox seems to get the grease off anything! I don't think a person can be too clean when eating food. That is why I was instilled at young age to wash my hands whenever I came in the house. Even if I was at church. I thank you all for your time and your humorous comments. I need more of that. Thanks
Hi InTheKitchen I am not sure how my kids turned out the way they did. I don't take the credit but give it to my husband. He is a meat and potatoes kind of a guy but does love fruit.

My older son will pick fruit over any other dessert that is presented to him. People think that I must be a rather strict parent but that's just the way he and his brother are. Just like other kids they like candy and mcdonalds, burger king, wendy but it's more for the toys than the food (LOL).

My older son loves any kind of salad, he loves blue cheese which most kids and even some adults can't stand. He loves all fruits even grapefruit and loves veggies especially broccoli and carrots. My older one hates soda and prefers juice and milk to any other drinks and he is only 6. My husband and I have to do a double take on whether he really is a child or a mature adult :), thankfully my younger one is more normal.
Yakuta: Count your blessings! To have a little guy of 6 prefer things that are good for him is priceless. No prodding or nagging makes your life so much easier. It is a joy to prepare something for him. I am sure he reflects your habits as well as his siblings. Not drinking soda is half the battle to keep him growing strong. I have heard carbonated drinks affect the bones in some way. When I was younger, we did not get soda because mom felt it was not needed. We drank milk instead which some claim is not really good for you either. However, doing without sugar is best of all. Bet your husband is proud too. I commend you and thank you for your time explaining to me about hummus. I have eaten it with feta cheese already as debthecook suggested and that is very good. Made it again for lunch. Feel like I am cheating when I don't fix for the rest and only myself. Debthecook has helped me out many many times before and I appreciate her response and all of you for taking time to suggest ways to eat hummus. Thanks so much.

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