i saw deadlySushi in my dream

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Oct 24, 2004
heyyyy DS!
i know it sounds strange,and i was surprised myself ,i saw you last night :D ,in my dream actually,well u had glasses on and u looked japanese :) ,and u said hey!i'm deadly sushi,remember me?
r u a japanese and do u wear glasses? :)
We had a thread here called (I think) What Do You Look Like" but I can't find it under search...It has pictures of some of the members.

Anyone else know where it went?
yep, marge! good call! i started that thread so i guess it's my job to find it. i'll re-post in a few minutes.
Marge, the times I have found that thread, I had to go through all of the threads. I have never been able to pull it up through a search. It's kinda wierd! :?
Yeah well that was 5 years ago..... heres the larger version.

I took these with a webcam I had a couple of months ago. If ya look close you can see my cat on the top of the back of me chair. :roll:



And now the old me.

Im a chunky monkey now. :(
Oh my gosh DS you look like a guy I used to date that lived in Chicago.....well except for the one where you look half-lit :LOL:
hey DS! you're kinda cute,really! and totally different from what i saw in the dream :) ,u dont even wear glasses. :)
Hey now!!!! I was sober! :(

Well, Im not asian at all. :LOL: Im half Italian and 1/2 Polish. :D

I feel for your sobriety DS. BUT I after viewing your photos, I gotta have a go.

How does this sound - "Last time I saw a site like that, I was looking at the North end of a South bound Camel?" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

With the greatest of respect of course. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

When one looks like me, one should learn to keep one's fingers off the keys.............. :LOL: :LOL:

Please don't take offence
Yes DS........Crewsk is right you are very cute~! Sorry I thought you had a few too many in the other........still cute none the less ;)

Sorry DS.

The ladies are right, but I ain't gunna tell the truth - that you are a good looking bloke - no way.

I'm just too jealous. :LOL:

Mind you, you were bred from good stock.......

I just wish I had a green envy smiley to use. :LOL: :LOL:

Good on ya mate. :) :)

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