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Aug 22, 2006
for supper tonight, i want to throw some stuff together for a chicken casserole, but need help with the binder.

i do not want to do cream of .. soup binder, i do not want to do a flour rue binder. but wonder what kind of something i could use for the binder other than flour-y/creamy filling.

an answer at your earliest change wud b great cause the chicken is in the microwave defrosting even now.
Sorry - can't help. Just perused dozens of casseroles, & every single one either used soup, a roux + milk or cream, mayonnaise, sour cream or something of that ilk as a binder. The only "non-creamy" option I can suggest is if you want to go Tex-Mex/Mexican, but then you'd need to have on hand those particular ingredients. Good luck!

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