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Will you share your favorite flavorful basic sausage recipe please.

We've actually never made Italian sausage as, until a couple of months ago, we had a good supplier at excellent prices, so there was no need to make it. Unfortunately, they decided to close. As Craig wrote, we'll probably give the Italian a go next time we make sausage.
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Does anyone have any experience using a food processor to mince the meat for sausage? Does it work okay? Any special tips?
In Kenji's article on sausage, that GG posted the link to, says that a food processor works just as well as a grinder, but suggests freezing the meat briefly, to make up for the heat generated by the friction. There's more, so you might want to check out that great article.

I use my FP when I want a small amount of sausage, but don't have any of that type in the freezer - usually Mexican chorizo.

My favorite Italian style recipes I've tried were from The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Italian. All have garlic, and I think all had a few tb of wine - I always used vermouth. The Sicilian has some crushed bay leaf, which gives it a totally unique flavor, and is my favorite. With some minced up fresh bay leaf, it is even better. As much as I like basil, I didn't like it as much in sausage, when I tried it - it was better in the sauce, or whatever the sausage would be served with. One thing that was good, however, was some Thai basil, which gives an even better anise flavor to the sausage than fennel. I'll sometimes add that, when making a small batch in the FP, and that flavor is appropriate for what I'm making.

On the topic of meat type, I always use the butts, when making large amounts, and when they seem very lean (usually when I'm playing it lazy, and getting boneless.;)), I'll get some pork belly. I almost always get the pork at the Asian market, when making large amounts, and they always have raw pork belly.
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