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Jan 5, 2003
London Ontario Canada
: Does any one know where I can find a large,deep fry pan. I saw one a few years back.It had to be at least 30" around & 4" deep made out of stainless. They were using it to deep fry battered fish,over an open fire. I don't know how thick it was but it had some good weight to it. I never thought I would have a use for one but now I do and I can't find anything locally. I live in London Ont. We plan to use something like this for group cookups at the trailer park this summer afer a day of fishing. Now that I'm done rambling,any web site or phone# would be great help. Dan.
Down at Lake of the Ozarks we use the propane fish fryers. Camp stove/open fires take too long to heat and are a bit more dangerous as opposed to propane. I would guess the cost of a stainless pan that size would be far greater than a propane fish fryer, under $50.00. Just M.O.
Thanks for the idea glenm, but I did find the pan I wanted. It's called the big daddy skillet,about $75. It's 20 1/2" around and 3 1/2 deep. Why I wanted the pan is so that we could use it for other things like cooking eggs for our large group. If I bought a fryer I would be limited to deep frying everything. lol. But thanks again for the responce. Dan.
Dan, where did you find the pan? It sounds like a great pan and I have some friends that camp every weekend with a bunch of people in the summer - would love to surprise them with something like that.
Thanks Dan - I'll go check it out!

I hope you come back to our home on the web and visit every now and then.

EDITED TO SAY - WOW, what a great price!!!!!! For something large like that and it has a lid too!!!!! I hope you're getting the lid - you know if you don't you'll need one!!! LOL
Ya I did order the lid, this is the frist time I have ever ordered anything on the net. So I hope that they come through?
I will show up here now and then for advice when my wife lets me play in the kitchen,can you tell who dose the day to day cooking? I enjoy trying new to us recipes and as long as I don't durn the house down and clean up after myself,Cathy dosen't get to pissed. Dan.
ROFL Dan. The #1 tip I give to my guy friends (well, and my girl friends too for that matter) is when running out of time cleaning the kitchen wipe down the counters with pinesol. The wife/husband will think you've been cleaning for hours. I have yet to admit this to my husband so I hope he doesn't read this! LOL The kitchen cabinets can still have little handmarks on them, the stove needs wiping down, etc., but it sure does smell clean and that's 90% of the battle! :D

Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Dan

Check you local Home Hardware and ask for sku #6320-741. If they do not have in stock they can order for you as it is a warehouse item. If you have any problems please email me at

Hope this helps.


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