Lemon Juice when making fudge?

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Nov 6, 2023

I am trying to make fudge and I have come across a recipe and it’s not bad ! I have read that we shouldn’t mix the fudge as it’s boiling because stirring it will cause crystallization. The problem is I need to stir it minimally at least once or twice to make sure it doesn’t burn. So to avoid the sugar from getting crystallizations I’ve read that adding a few drops of Lemon juice or some cream of tartar or some corn syrup would help crystallization to not form.

However, in my fudge recipe I already have corn syrup, should I also add a few drops of lemon and some cream of tartar to address minimizing sugar crystallizations or am I just being redundant and should just stick with the corn syrup only?

IMHO - redundant.
But you've been making so much fudge (tarnation, wish I was your neighbour!) why don't you go ahead and try one - I would choose the cream of tartar to start with.
Adding a few drops of lemon juice or cream of tartar, in addition to the corn syrup in your fudge recipe, is not necessary and may indeed be redundant. Corn syrup is already effective in preventing crystallization by interfering with sugar crystal formation. Adding more ingredients might alter the flavor or texture of your fudge. Stick with the corn syrup, and ensure that you stir minimally to avoid crystallization while monitoring the heat carefully to prevent burning.

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