Looking for a New York Cheesecake Recipe - 4" high

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sweet pea

Assistant Cook
Dec 27, 2003
I wanted New York 4 inch high cheesecake so I doubled the receipe and it came out cheese cake pudding, one ruined dessert
My wife once informed me that if you double a cheese cake recipe, you need to add at least 1/2 hour cooking time. I do not bake and therefore don't know myself...but she has assured me that it is true.
on one of my favorite cooking shows ("Good Eats") I heard that the secret to keeping a tall, thick cheesecake was to turn off the oven, but leave the cake in the oven (don't take it out). supposedly the dramatic decrease in temp from the oven to the outside air is what kills the cake, and if you leave it in the oven, its temp drops gradually.

Not speaking from experience, but just telling you what I heard. Post back here and let us know if it helps!

-- droxford
Sweet Pea if you're still hunting for that recipe there was an issue of Cuisine at Home on cheesecake - called for a pan 3 1/2" deep. My son has made it many times, I've made it twice and the results are fabulous. I'll be happy to post the recipe if you still want it.

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