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Washing Up
Sep 26, 2004

Mahlab is used in Greek and Arab pastries and bread. It tastes sort of like a combination of bitter almond and black cherry. I dumped 4 oz in 95% grain alcohol to make extract. It is difficult to see in the above photo, but the seeds are barely covered with alcohol. I will let this soak for at least one month. I will use this to replace bitter almond extract in cookies and cake because it is a pleasant diversion. Maybe, I will even put it in poundcake.

I bought some at the local Penzeys Spices in Oak Park, Illinois. At $15.90/lb, it is a good deal. If you buy a 1.5 oz jar (like the one on the right) at an Arab or Greek grocery store, it will cost around $3. Penzeys was out of 1 lb. sizes, so they sold me four 4 oz packs for the same price.
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