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The only shortages I notice are toilet paper and distilled water. I can't believe people are so desperate for water that they are buying distilled water for drinking. I need distilled water for my CPAP machine, but one of the Vons store managers has a father on CPAP, so he stashed several gallons in the back room. He let me have two! That will get me through next month.

I heard one guy at CVS Pharmacy bitching about the limits on water, and I told him "go across the street to Target and buy a friggin' Brita pitcher!"

I bought one of those paper towel dispensers you find in rest rooms that pull out of the bottom center for 15 bucks, including two rolls of towels. The major grocery stores are low on meats and bread, but if I want meat I either order from Omaha Steaks or, if I need it right damn now, I go to a butcher shop. If I want bread, rolls, buns, bagels, etc. I can go to Boudin bakery, Panera bakery and Einstein Bros Bagels, none of which have a shortage of product or a limit on quantity.

These Corona Virus induced shortages are, in my opinion, a large amount of bovine feces. Has anyone noticed that there are no shortages or purchase limits in the beer, wine and liquor department?
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